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How to Focus on Studying and not get Distracted

How to Focus on Studying and not get Distracted in Australia - Oscar Academy provides Hospitality Business Accounting Online course in Australia

How to focus during the study? We all know how difficult it is to focus on studying and not get distracted by our phones or other things.

It will be challenging to stay focused on studying- especially with the distractions from being online.

Studying did not come easy for me, but I learned how to study effectively, prevent distractions and stay focused on my work. My study guides and effective study tactics have helped thousands of people improve their grades in school, acclimate themselves to new courses, exams, classes, etc.

The great advice I have ever received is to make a schedule and stick with it. Schedules help to organize your time, prevent procrastination, and help you stay focused on your goals.

Use different mediums when studying. If you study in front of a computer screen that is not working for you, switch it up and study in another environment. Music can be extremely distracting, so play classical music or no music while studying. Learning in a new place with fresh surroundings can change your perspective on the topic. Take a look at these steps.

  • Set Goals: Make sure your goals `are set. What are you trying to accomplish? Make sure they’re SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Create a Study Environment: It’s important to have a place where you are undisturbed and can study without interruption. Make sure it’s distraction-free so you can stay focused on what you need to do.

Perform a single task at a time: Multitasking can be a very attractive thing, but it’s proven that you’ll get more accomplished in less time by doing one thing at a time. Working on one task at a time also reduces procrastination and improves your overall productivity.

Distractions are everywhere: social media, phone alerts, extra emails, texts, etc. It is easy to get distracted when trying to study. There are many ways to avoid distractions and stay focused on studying.

I’ve outlined a few below:

  • Have an “off” or “out of office” reply for your email so that you are not as tempted to check it.
  • Buy a noise-canceling headset and listen to music/a podcast during your study time.
  • Go somewhere quiet to study, like the library or a coffee shop.
  • Figure out if you tend to be most distracted by a specific time of day, then schedule other activities around that time.
  • There are many more ways you can avoid distractions and stick to your goal of studying.

Tips for Improving Concentration on Study

At first, it seems quite obvious that one needs concentration to study. However, many students still do not know how to concentrate on their studies (and do not have time to learn), and others simply do not know how to enhance concentration while studying.

After all, concentration is a combination of physical and mental abilities that play a big role in the success of any student.

A lot of students find study boring and useless. They would rather take a nap than study their books.

The main reason students are not interested in studying is the lack of results. The classic textbook study is effective, but it doesn’t guarantee high grades in exams. Moreover, it often gives poor concentration.

Studying is a complicated process that includes many stages:

1) Absorption – when you read any material;

2) Development – when you understand details and principles;

3) Reproduction – when you memorize the studied material;

4) Assimilation – when you turn the information into your memory, your own knowledge and understanding of the subject. For students, avoiding distraction is one of the biggest challenges to overcome; however, if you are committed to getting a good grade, there is no alternative to avoiding distraction. But avoiding distraction is not a piece of cake as it sounds. Furthermore, if you follow these steps I have mentioned above, it will help you improve your concentration on study.


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