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Do you want to know what qualifications and skills you will be needed to be an accountant?

Accountants are essential to the operations of the business. Whether or not they work in-house or are used by an accountancy firm, they supply important assistance in the monetary procedures of most companies.

Moreover, just about every individual requires an accountant in the course of their daily life, or else annually when considering time for you to submit taxes. If you’re trying to become an accountant, you have picked a trusted profession alternative.

What does an accountant do?

An accountant offers accounting processing services to companies and individuals. Generally, these facilities centre around taxation along with other monetary concerns. An accountant is responsible for a wide array of the economic functions of businesses.

Their everyday duties normally trying to keep and ensuring conformity with financial, legal guidelines and polices.

What does an Accountant earn?

In Australia, accountants generate a typical income of just under $90,000 ($89,646). The bare minimum typical salary drops just under $80,000, and also the optimum average income hovers around $100,000. It may possibly not be measured among the top-rated paying out industries, but accountancy certainly compensates perfectly.

It is a well-paying career option, and the majority of an accountant is rarely out of operating. The job market is growing well over the regular price, with projections showing a 16% increase in functions between 2018 and 2023.

What skills do you need to be an accountant?

An accountant possesses a diversified role, and consequently need a variety of abilities to be able to carry out their everyday activities.

Communication skills

Great communication skills are vital should you prefer a profitable career in accounting. You will need to be able to talk to other people in your team, 3rd parties, and quite often government departments.

Presentation Skills

If you’re contemplating becoming an accountant, an excellent starting place, your training is simply by growing your Microsoft Excel skills. Most of the accountancy roles require you to use some kind of database or fiscal analytics software, and Microsoft Excel gives you an incredible basis for comprehending the sorts of formulas and interlinking of information and details that you’ll come across within your part.

Moreover, you could be needed to present economic reviews or results to superiors. Familiarising yourself with an array of demonstration equipment, for example, Powerpoint can help you in your experience.

Vital Evaluation and Problem Solving

The capability to analyse a scenario (or series of figures) are available to some verifiable verdict is an important expertise for an accountant. Once you’re in your role and chasing promotion, you will have got a far better possibility of upgrading provided you can make use of your accountancy abilities to solve problems for the business.

Organisational Skills

Strong organisation expertise will allow you to consider your job being an accountant. You will manage competing requirements in your limited solutions and generate responses to intricate needs very quickly frame. Remaining on the top of things will ensure you steer a far less demanding life, and will also lessen the volume of mistakes you are making within your work.


When you grow to be an accountant, you will find yourself handling a lot of private details. For many accountants, practically almost everything they take care of on a regular basis is personal to a few degrees.

Your business will rely on you with important information, and you will have an obligation to ensure details are always protected. If you’re the type of people that likes to reveal seductive information regarding their day at work, this is probably not the profession for yourself.


Discretion feeds into ethics. An accountant cannot knowingly break legal requirements, even if their boss requests them to. As an accountant, your commitment is not to the organisation, but to the community. You have to perform all revealing along with other function in an honest approach. This could be one of the primary facts you understand while learning to become an accountant.


In many methods to huge organisations, an accountant function in a team. You must be able to get together with co-workers and not lead to any important problems. It may go a long way towards your longevity in every function.

What is the initial step to turning into an Accountant?

The 1st stage you should take to turn out to be an accountant is usually to familiarise yourself with the industry and gain knowledge of the things you will be doing within the role. If you’re not ready to focus on a Bachelor’s Education, there are a few routes; it is possible to take:

FNS40615 Certificate IV in Accounting

The Certificate IV in Accounting can help you utilise the basics of accounting for your function. Such as planning great-degree financial budgets, monetary reports, and monitoring ledgers. Besides, you will learn how to carry out tasks associated with organisation activity assertions and understand numerous transferrable capabilities, like sustaining a payroll system and setting up a selection of company papers and displays.

This qualification will get you ready for a part as a Bookkeeper or Accounting Support officer and is a superb first step towards being an accountant.

FNS40215 Certificate IV in Bookkeeping

The Certificate IV in Bookkeeping is designed to equip you using a large information foundation in relation to economic record-keeping and basic company financial records. It’s an incredible certification if you’re seeking to create your very own business, but may also easily be used to get into an accounting career.

Courses give attention to payroll and bookkeeping systems, setting up financial assertions and interim records, and guaranteeing that you employ best methods associated with bookkeeping methods.

FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting

The Diploma of Accounting is more innovative than Certification IV-levels lessons, and definitely will prepare you with more impressive range skills. You will discover ways to provide a range of enterprise and financial overall performance information, prepare tax papers and control budgets and monetary forecasts.

It can be a wonderful first step into a critical bookkeeping profession, and definitely will prepare you using the appropriate qualifications to be an Assistant Bank account or undertake a supervisory position inside the fund sector.

Are you prepared to be an accountant? Contact us to chat in regards to the qualifications you want.



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