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To ensure that students are advised of and have access to undertake alternative recognition pathways for the completion of Qualification(s), where it recognizes the skills & knowledge gained through prior work & life experiences and or previous study outcomes based on education & training.


This policy applies to all students who want to apply prior learning to be recognized or to gain credit for the previous study – Credit Transfer (CT) or RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).


To ensure students have the opportunity to gain maximum recognition for prior learning or credit transfer in a course, based on the skills and knowledge gained through prior work, life experiences and education & training.

Policy Details

  • Oscar Academy supports the recognition of prior learning, recognition of current competency and credit transfers through Oscar Academy’s standard process, which is fair, transparent and consistent.
  • Oscar Academy will recognize bona fide Certificates (with Record of Results) and/or Statements of Attainment issued by other registered training organizations as evidence for credit transfer and or part of the evidence in RPL. To be recognized they must map to the current unit for which credit is sought.
  • Oscar Academy supports Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), where people can gain entry to or credit in recognized courses based on competencies gained through experience in the workplace, in voluntary work, in social or domestic activities or through previous informal or formal training. It involves the assessment of the evidence that the student supplies to demonstrate that they are currently competent in all the required assessment criteria of the Unit of Competency for which they are requiring a credit.
  • Dependent upon the requirements of the Training Package and or Unit of Competency, Oscar Academy may elect to assess this competency by electing to conduct an “Assessment Only” pathway, requiring the candidate who believes they are competent but cannot provide sufficient evidence to show current competency. This may well be used for units or qualifications whose outcome can lead to licensing. Students who are assessed as “not yet competent” via this process will be required to enrol on the full training and assessment pathway.

Process and Procedure

RPL and Credit Transfer arrangements are expected to be:

  • Offered at the time of enrolment, conducted in a timely manner that may minimize the course duration to the student.
  • Fair, valid, reliable and flexible, ensuring that there is no conflict of interest and that in all cases an unbiased assessment is made based on evidence that is current, authentic, reliable, valid and sufficient.
  • RPL may be granted for one or more units up to 100% of a Qualification.

100% Credit Transfer in a Qualification is only available to students who have studied or been assessed in at least one unit of the Qualification with Oscar Academy.  If the unit is not exactly the same code and name, then it must be mapped to ensure equivalency.  If not equivalent then the unit presented may be used as partial evidence towards RPL.


Training Manager is responsible for providing accurate and timely information on the RPL and Credit Transfer process and for ensuring that adequate opportunity and support is provided to Students.

The Training Manager will ensure that each qualification on scope has an “RPL Kit” available.  This will be provided to the student to enable data collection for submission to a suitably qualified assessor who will review the evidence in line with the training package requirements.

Assessors are responsible for administering/facilitating the RPL process:

  • By providing correct advice to students on RPL.
  • Communicating assessment requirements.
  • Implementing the RPL process and assessing in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Conducting assessments, recording results and communicating the outcomes to students.

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  • RPL RCC and Credit Transfer Application Form

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